WordPress Stats Facts and Trends 2018

wordpress,squarespace,ruby on rails

wordpress,squarespace,ruby on rails

WordPress Stats 2017-2018

IN 2017, WordPress continued to be the most widely used Content Management System in the world. Here are some statistics that examine WordPress’ dominance in more detail.

1.Over a Quarter of the Internet is Powered By WordPress

Around 75 million websites use WordPress worldwide, and around 38 million are powered by it. Because there is an estimated 172 million websites in the world today, that means that 27% of the internet is powered by WordPress, and that over half of all internet websites use it in some capacity. ( Source – Statistics About WordPress)

Some sites powered by WordPress use WordPress.com, while others WordPress.org (self-hosting). The big difference is that WordPress.com is a freemium kind of website, where users must pay more and more to get access to more and more resources to develop their websites. WordPress.org, is a website where you download the WordPress software and then find a hosting website to host it. While doing so may require a lot more expertise, it allows much more flexibility in terms of E-Commerce and designing a website, and is actually a lot cheaper than just using WordPress.com.

2.WordPress Expertise is an In-Demand Trade Skill
As more and more of life is conducted online, individuals like artists and professionals and organizations like businesses and universities need to create or enhance their online presence. As iterated in the previous stat, WordPress is the most common way to do this. If they do not have a proficiency in WordPress themselves, they need to hire someone else to do this. That is why a knowledge of WordPress expertise is such a good trade skill, with top consultants charging $200 an hour for their services.

3. Bad Time to Be a Spammer
Just like through emails and social media posts, spammers try to infiltrate WordPress cites through the use of spam-bots. WordPress gets 132 million spam messages every month, Akismet is able to fend off 99.9% of these. This is good news for WordPress users, because then they can focus their time and energy in more efficient and productive ways than fighting off spam.

4. New WordPress Plugins are Made Every Hour
Anyone (with an adequate knowledge of WordPress of course) can create a WordPress plugin. On average, there is a new WordPress plugin made every hour. All plugins are not created equal, however, and users need to be careful which plugins they download. There are many ways to filter which plugins to download. Generally, more popular plugins are legit (because obviously they wouldn’t have become popular if they weren’t). Another way to filter plugins is by doing research and see which plugins are good for what you’re trying to do, be it start a blog or run your business.