SSL certificates

Recently, Google content marketing consulting has joined as one of the factors to consider to position naturally (SEO) have an SSL certificate.

In CDmon we are aware of all the industry news that may affect our users. One of the newest is linked to the SSL certificates. It seems that Google has begun to consider positively to position that websites have an SSL security certificate. For now, just going to have very little influence, but it seems that its importance to SEO will be increasing next 2015.

The Google algorithm now takes into account what is known as “Penguin”, precisely in charge of combating high pr backlinks and link building services that offered poor quailty of the best content spam.

In fact, it is well known that having an SSL certificate, especially for ecommerce, gives much more confident users who surf and shop online. So in CDmon, any customer with a hosting contract with us can purchase your security certificate. Thus, the SSL certificate guarantees that the website is secure and that there is no danger to send confidential information (personal details, account numbers, etc.), and an image of reliability and professionalism shown.