Sitemap Tips

linkbuilding-2013The sitemap as its name suggests, a site map, a file in XML that defines which pages contained in our web, like a scheme it were, its purpose is to facilitate job seekers so they can find before pages without walking lost the tangle of links. Thus no index page is not allowed and therefore the sitemap is one of the strengths to start our Web project.

The sitemap file and also facilitate the url to search engine, tells the refresh that page, the importance of it against another and the date of the last update.

The structure of this sitemap should be as follows: 1.0
weekly 0.9

Most labels can be about understanding as “urlset” to open the code and “url” nesting information of each of the pages. “Loc” would indicate what the url in question, “priority” is the factor that indicates the relevance of the URL and you valued from 0.1 to 1.0 being 1.0 the maximum value, and ideally locate only in the index of the web . And the 0.9 in the main sections, the rest should be less, not including a 1.0 and 0.9 to all pages will get a better result. In case of a blog, the better the item not labeled, for example.

Finally we have the label “lastmod”, which is optional and should be W3C Date time format (YYYY-MM-DD), you do not include the time, and as the name suggests, we expressed when the last update was performed. And the label “changefreq”, also optional, and where many webmasters make the mistake of putting the frequency of change is daily. If our website is not updated daily and do to try to fool the search engine, we ensure that the search engine is tired and lower frequency tracking, re-get is complicated, so it is ideal to put a weekly basis should have a news website, and most likely the search happens in quite some time less than 7 days. For example in this blog technology is going every 5 days (today).

A Sitemap can not have more than 50,000 URL’s, but you can create as many as you want and give them sitemap high in Google Webmaster tools without any fear of being penalized.

Well, we talked about the sitemap for search engines, we know to be in XML format, but another format should be considered. Is our sitemap HTML format. With this format we get the user to access a file with all our documents organized by category, and also with an anchor text chosen by us to improve internal links.

Finally there are free services to automatically generate sitemaps, such as xml-sitemap, which generates up to 500 urls in its free version, there is a paid versione tecnologia, la tecnologia al alcance de todos en Blog Tecnologico.