SEO Statistics and Google Search Stats 2017-2018

SEO Stats and Google Search Statistics 2017-2018

Internet Search Study

wordpress,squarespace,ruby on rails

wordpress,squarespace,ruby on rails

Changes are a part of life when it comes to Google searches. Recently, a new Searchmetrics Universal & Extended Search Study was released, and the report includes information about current search trends that are vital to SEO. If you want to succeed in online marketing, keep these new SEO stats and data findings in mind.

Mobile SEO Stats

First, the study showed that organic results in mobile search have decreased from 10 to 8.5. In other mobile search news, the difference between search results from smartphones and desktop searches continues to increase (PPC Stats 2018). Video, news, and maps have declined on desktop search results while rising on mobile platforms.

We’ve known that Google AdWords is a big fan of variety, and that continues to be true. Google Adwords Statistics search results include Twitter cards, knowledge graphs, news boxes and other innovative features. If you’re trying to gain additional traffic, don’t forget about Extended Search integrations since these have been shown to be successful.

In order to properly understand this recent study’s findings, you need to understand what organic search  actually is. To put it simply, Universal Search creates media-filled pages using video, local search results pages, images, and other factors. Throughout 2016-2017, 75 percent of all keyword queries used Universal Search pieces, so this is a vital factor.

Online marketers also can’t forget about Extended Search. During both mobile and desktop searches, your organic search is competing with factors such as Twitter cards, fact boxes, mobile carousels, and answers to related questions.

Video Search Statistics

Concerning video searches, a strong majority of videos included in search results hail from YouTube. If you’re interested in Universal Search integration, you’ll need to work through the YouTube platform to optimize your content to get the best results from your efforts.

In the past, search engine optimization was a fairly basic technical process. However, those days are no longer. Today’s successful online marketers understand that they must continually update and change their strategies to meet the needs of today’s searches. In addition, keyword work is not enough. They must also work to succeed with Extended Search integrations to take full advantage of Google’s metrics on e-mail stats.