SEO Dictionary

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Phoenix SEO – Search Engine Optimization –The practice of optimizing website or other Internet listing characteristics both on the main website and off the main website, but still on the Internet, to rank better in search engine results.

SEM – Phoenix SEO Search Engine Marketing – The practice of utilizing many devices to be found by search engines in many different ways and for many different search terms. Practice of creating such optimal positioning over competition under so many variables it in effect squeezes the competition out of many result rankings or positions.

IM – Internet Marketing – The practice of using the most practical means available to achieve optimal results while employing good marketing principals.

SMM – Social Media Marketing – The practice of using popular social media websites to gain fans or followings to build customer contacts, referrals and customer loyalty.

Backlinks – Probably should have been named inbound links. These are links to your website or Internet presences that are located other places on the Internet that direct visitors to your website or offer. It is known that the number of quality backlinks that a particular website or Internet page has increases its search engine ranking, or overall visibility when seeking the product or service offered.

Landing Page – The page that a particular ad or link directs interested customers to take action, such as submit their information to receive a special offer, subscribe for notices of new offers, etc.

Squeeze Page – Often a Landing Page with long copy writing through the middle column of the webpage that engages the potential customer to take action, usually buy a product or sign up for a trial offer.

Video Squeeze Page – Often a Landing Page that utilizes Squeeze Page techniques blended with one or more videos designed to educate, stimulate or excite the potential customer to take an action, such as purchase a product or sign up for a trial offer.

Email Auto Responder – Sends information immediately upon request via email to interested and potential customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Email Drip Campaign – Sends information in emails at a prescribed interval from initial sign up date. An example would be a 7 day mini-course with the recipient receiving an email each day for a week about a topic or product.

Video Email – Email with either embedded video or simulated embedded video via a linked text and graphics that directs customers reading their emails to watch a compelling, or informative video relating to an offer or service reminder.

Smart Phone – A mobile SEO Agency or cell phone device that has data connectivity to the Internet allowing the user to access information from both within the cell phone network provider’s information network and Internet. Three of the most common smart phones today are the iPhone, the Blackberry and the Android phones.

PPC Pay Per Click – Usually an ad campaign on a network, such as Google, in which a business or other product or service promoter, pays the network per potential customer click through of the online Internet ad.

SERPs – Search Engine Results Pages. Effectively your ranking when searched for by a specific keywords or terms. An organic ranking of 23 usually means on Google that your natural or organic competitive rank was on page two (usually 10 results per page ), and the third result on that page has better backlink services.

Google Places Optimization – The practice of using effective Keyword Research combined with best practices Search Engine Optimization techniques on your business Google Places “place” Page for best possible rankings and visibility on the Internet.

Keyword Research – An investigative process a Search Engine Optimization Professional goes through to determine the best overall keywords that a particular campaign, business or website should target for maximum marketing reach and results. Good Keyword Research is both fundamental and a critical initial phase necessary for later success of a campaign.

PR – Page Rank. Often used when talking about the “quality of backlinks” generated for or “to” a website or Internet listing for a Phoenix SEO company or service business. For example, “High PR backlinks” or “Backlinks with a PR of less than 10.” High PR means top of the search engines and a cooresponding lower value.