Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management – What is Online Reputation Internet works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?. During that time they turn on the multitude of information, communications and / or opinions network …. This endless river of information Google and other search engines extract information or opinions about people, companies, brands, products or services included in their databases.

Knowledge, monitoring and “control” of all information that affects his person, company or brand is part of what is called in English “Online Reputation Management” or Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation reflects the prestige of a person, company or brand online, created not only for itself but also for the rest of people who exchange information and views about it on the internet through forums, blogs or social networks .

The Online Reputation Management is from the collection of all related information, through monitoring, discerning whether or not negatively affect the “reputation” and “image” of the person, company or brand, but also of management or “control”, ie to influence such content that hurt our brand.


Online Reputation Management – Do you know what happens when someone searches for your brand in a Seeker INE survey on Equipment and Use of Information Technology highlights the following information: In Spain half of the population is connected to the Internet regularly (all? day or at least once a week) and the main service used is the search for information on goods and services (82%).

With this information, the question to ask any person, company or brand is: Do you know what happens when someone searches for your brand in a search?

Online Reputation Management – WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT ONLINE REPUTATION Building a brand is immense costs in advertising and marketing, and a complex process of creating ad campaigns and communication media of all kinds. In this context, Internet and new platforms for social participation have new and modern tools the Internet user to review, report and communicate.

The rise and importance of this type of space has transformed the Internet into a platform for free speech without competition or limitations, and this has been a breakthrough for everyone. However, their use is not always adequate or, at least, may often not coincide with personal or business interests of the people involved in reports in the network.

The opinions, for example, are a very powerful tool for business promotion when they are positive, but harmful when they are negative. In the latter case, must be remedied as soon as possible to counter the negative information to disappear from the network or, in any case, do not occupy important positions in search engines in order to mitigate its adverse effects.

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