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Who and What is SEO
We try to define it with the SEO who does it.
SEO stands for Search engine optimization or, if we speak of the profession, Search Engine Optimizer. In contrast to “say” erroneously reported by the official documentation of Google about what is SEO, or rather in their case the SEO, in this kind of guide or even written course I will try to speak my mind on optimization for search engines and professionalism of those working in the sector.

As a first step, and as an introduction I want to consider the very document that define erroneous because this certainly does not pay homage to our profession of Search Engine Marketer and deliberately draws a reality that is not so.

The Google documentation reads as introducing the following sentence:

Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and allow you to save time, but it can also risk damage to your site and your reputation. Make sure you understand what are the potential benefits as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can lead to your site.
This paragraph as well as being wrong in substance is also an insult to our profession, but above all an insult to what we believe and what we love, and I’ll explain why.

On 04/07/2014 the page of Google renamed and has gone from “Optimization for search engines (SEO)” to “You Need a SEO?”
Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision
No doubt the decision to use an SEO is very important as the documentation says Google in English and also the documentation of Bing. What makes SEO and those working in the sector so important for the success of a project on the web is derived primarily from the following personal characteristics:

research capacity
attention to detail.
Keep in mind the phrase that will write now because to be considered starting from the lowest level of the ladder to the highest … from laborers to management.

90% of web projects bring with them huge SEO problems arising from incorrect implementation of the software.
If we want to dress it more in that 90% is a good 50% of that sum to the software issues an incredible chaos in the editorial and content production.

An SEO can potentially improve your site and allow you to save time
Sentence Misleading especially if we consider the following, which we will examine in the next chapter at. A SEO improves your site and I can assure you, but only if supported by all that complex mechanism that rotates around a site / web project from development department, design, user interaction and experience, copy, marketing, social and relationship / link building until you get to that leadership.

Why do so many things come into play when it comes to SEO? Basically the reason is that in an area as complex and changing a professional can not alone govern the evolution of a project in its entirety and that’s why

NOT an SEO can save you time! It does not mean a damn thing!
SEO is a middle ground (very fertile) where in one way or another will incorporate all of the other actors in a web project.

The SEO is not doping, but athletic training!

An SEO can also risk damage to your site and your reputation
The SEO is not doping, but athletic training!
If you want results you have to work hard.
Sentence false and baseless. Unfortunately SEO is one of those professions that has no regulation and as often happens our inflated acronym falls in the sights of anyone who wants to guarantee or promise visibility amplified, but an end in itself.

There are many cases where the company autonomously harms his site or his reputation and no opinion or advice that takes … in those cases there is no need to do Search Marketing.

One has to understand that SEO is not magic.
The damage that an irresponsible SEO can lead to your site
Irresponsible SEO is to say everything and say nothing. An irresponsible person is not worthy of any title that it is a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant.

An irresponsible SEO is not an SEO, but remember that most of this slice that Google describes himself helped to create it and make it proliferate.
Despite the intent still positive official documentation is obvious that this is clearly inadequate to define what an Phoenix SEO, but the result is to say what is not.

Another problem really clear of this sort of explanation of the profession is that it is a simple translation that uses as sources and as examples language sites not Italian and references are difficult to access by users who are Italian.

Another big problem, which is absolutely stressed, is that some of the practices that Google explicitly as negative are still used by some sites that rankano just for the key where the documentation says the opposite and other root note is that often some Google releases updates that affect only a few months later also on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Italian.

In summary it is necessary to specify that there is only Google. Several factors make the search as “intricately” different and changeable and among them there is the element language of relevance.

Until a clear in the minds of those who are looking for a Phoenix SEO and those who want to improve rankings on search engines (which in Italy “are” Google) that the engine is changing and that in Italian is different from in English, and so on for all extensions and territorial mix of languages and who take over social components and customization strong will always be difficult to make people understand the importance of the optimization of a site because it is usable properly not only engines search.

Another thing is quite shameful as the fact that a resource such as this useless chairing the first places as a resource that needs to educate those seeking information on the definition.

We do not speak of the resource that instead dominates the research in question ie where we read in the first few rows obscenities well as a simplification in disarming proseguio:

The term optimization (Search Engine Optimization, SEO, in English) means all activities aimed at increasing the volume of traffic (hits) that a website receives through search engines. These activities include the optimization of both the source code thenext web, both on the contents. Optimization is part of a task more complex, such as search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing, SEM).
The activity of optimization for search engines includes various technical operations that are performed on the HTML (including markup) and the contents of the web pages of the site, as well as on the hypertext structure overall (including interaction technologies). Essential is also the activity outside the site, usually done with link building techniques, press releases and article marketing campaigns quality.
The term optimization NOT mean those activities to increase traffic through search engines.

The Phoenix SEO optimization is understood as an activity that improves the quality of a website to provide a more relevant information as possible (and that reflects the reality) the information sought by a user. Traffic is another thing and make a page alleging an intent to search for an information / product / service remains valid for any search engine including that internal to the site itself.

When it comes to SEO is important to think about the Information Retrieval and especially not to the increase of traffic, but the improvement of the traffic received, it does not necessarily correspond to an increase of it, but in many cases to a decrease of same.

At the base of SEO is the care of the quality and the ability to respond properly to the question of information sought.

The second paragraph that speaks of techniques Link Building, Press Release and Article Marketing highlights how inadequate the current system of ranking results. Google is promoting a result little relevant information and negatively only because of the favoritism that reserve (so not deserved) to Wikipedia which in Italian is far from proper and adequate information as it happens in English.

Conclusion to the premise
The information provided above is only a preamble to what we will try to accomplish here on gt to offer content and explanations in line with what the SEO deserves without the approximation that the search engine best known in Italy and in the world is currently devoting here in the boot.

In short I will try to cover those topics that have recently become part of the skills that a SEO Specialist must have as many issues past and still valid are addressed in the book SEO Power of George and in an old guide that with this series of documents and considerations will try to extend.

Among these skills are certainly included the following points:

Tools of the Trade: Tools Web Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Tools for keywords, Tools Link Intelligence (like Majestic, Ahrefs, OSE), Excel, Tools Crawling – as Xenu, Screaming Frog (here a guide well done), SEO Visual Studio – and advanced Operators. You also find a complete list of tools for webmasters here.
How does the indexing of pages on Google and robots.txt
As the speed or slowness of a site can affect the rankings. So – Improved loading times of pages: best practices, measures, monitoring tools, automation tools (like mod_pagespeed) and concepts such as SPOF.
Understanding of the functioning of the HTTP protocol, HTTP 2 soon, and response codes.
Updating of all technical activities onsite (Sitemap, Canonical, Authorship, Redirect, Markup structured …)
Quality and relevance of the content according to contexts.
International SEO Company to improve the exposure in foreign countries.
Social aspects, customizations and authority of brands and people.
Design choices multi-platform and information architecture centric.
Monitoring of the brand (just) and competitors and advanced stalking.
Penalties and updates (such as Panda and Penguin) aimed at the quality of the sites and against the manipulation of search results by creating links unnatural.
How is a Google update and therefore the importance of not think that it is more and penalties.
The historic transition that culminated in Hummingbird and the turn toward a motor-based entity.
The writing on the Web and SEO copywriting.
All of these points in turn will expand dramatically and will certainly not be easy to set up in an organic enormity of this information, but we’ll try.

Consider also that the spread of high opensource CMS has led to the emergence of many plugins and specific optimizations for each of them (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Plone, etc …). The important thing now is not to dwell on the CMS specifically, but to offer a global view of the meaning of SEO to invite to a mental approach that can enable us to use any tool.

Here I thought was a good idea to add to the opinion of some good professionals about what is the Phoenix SEO and also a history of algorithmic updates since 2000.



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