Google Services

google servicesGoogle services to use
Google is much more than a search engine. Today offers many services and applications in the cloud, today I will talk about all of the most used services offered free. I will try to point out to you that functionality usually use for my daily organization.

It is certainly the best known, to my cost me much take the first step to move from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail, but if you have many e-mails becomes heavy management with Outlook. Also lets you access Gmail from your mobile as synchronization works perfectly both Iphone and from my android device.

The most appealing feature is functional for my filters attached to labels for archiving mails so that at a glance you can determine if you have entered a relevant delivered in the mail. That way you can make labels by agencies, major customers, or employees, …

Another fundamental characteristic is “outstanding” because when I read an email that after all is a task to put the star ground to do then.

Google Calendar
To my calendar is the page’s view throughout the day but my use of this application is totally different to your use of a regular user.

In my case I have meetings in a timely hour, I have tasks to perform throughout the day and will attack one after another. Therefore google calendar allows me to generate multiple calendars that categorize in 4 colors;

– Red (for important tasks)
– Blue (for normal priority tasks)
– Yellow (for tasks I have assigned to other people)
– Green (for work and leisure)

If I have a meeting or a vital task I put in red and assigned to the first schedule, so I get up, if it is a chore I put in blue, if I assign a person, you share that that event with the person involved.

Interestingly, when I finish the task you edit and put a “+” and thereby is that task that day is now over.

Another interesting feature is that the use of tasks, which is to the right, for more timeless tasks, ie tasks that do not need to rush today. For this I generated a classification lists, where each list are the projects where I’m stuck.

Both tasks like calendar I synchronize my mobile with android.

This service only use it via google calendar. Although they have now incorporated features that whenever you closer to Skype.

Google Reader
It allows me to keep track of the RSS major blogs or newsletters. For that you practice the positioning I recommend not getting lost seomoz blog.

It is one of the most used services every day, trafficking in all websites is reviewed. Sobreotodo first thing to note is if the publications have been successful.

If you bring one news site you can not lose you part of “Analytics real time”.

External Keyword Suggestion tool + + Google Trends
Keyword external tool to see the level of traffic a particular keyphrase, the explosive mixture is achieved if you combine it with “Google autocomplete” and Google trends, promise to do a long post on how I combine these three tools.

Webmaster Tools
Another important tool, lets you upload the sitemap, monitor server errors, see 404 errors, duplicate titles, statistics tracking google, html show as seen by the robot google, see alerts of spam on your website etc …

Google Drive
Another great online applications I use daily, all documents were Word and Excel before are now in the cloud, neatly organized in folders and lets you work up several people at once. Certainly for my Google Drive, Google Docs old, is the best of the latest services that has brought google.

Google Chrome
And I was among those who refused to change the firefox with firebug, but I recognize that today, for me is the best browser there. Emphasize that use the following extensions

– Alexa Traffic Rank1.1.0
– Google bookmarks
– Instant Translate 1.0.11
– PageRank Status4.7.9
– Personal Blocklist
– User-Agent Switcher (brutal to emulate other browsers)

Other servicos oriented location Google
Less commonly use the Google Earth, Google Maps or Google places when I want to gossip about an address or a trade.