Google Penalty

buildersGoogle Penalty РWhy Google penalizes pages and possible symptoms of penalizaciónSe could say that as a rule the penalties of search engines can be of two types. On one side are the penalties algorithm and other penalties for manual review. Yes, it may seem hard to believe, Google has hundreds of employees reviewing the content and quality of web pages on the internet.

Penalties algorithms could be defined as the identification by robots indexing certain patterns that are indicative of spam or dishonest actions.

Penalties for manual review takes place when someone at Google sees an action within a website that is against ethical guidelines or recommended practices of search engines.

As Matt Cutts explains in his blog, your Page Rank has dropped only means that according to analysis systems Google “your site has lost some confidence that Google had in it.” For those cases where a site has lost about 1 point Page Rank the problem is not very big and has a solution, but if a site has lost more than 50% or 60% of the Page Rank hit, then the problem surely is greater.

Here’s a list of the main reasons why your website SEO Services may have lost Page Rank. I have ordered this list less serious to more serious, though in truth, this is just my opinion and I can not be sure that the text hidden less severe than buying links. Although if I could be sure 100% that have broken links is less important than exchanging links. In any case, if your site has one of the top five problems should not have seen a decline in PR than 1 point, maybe 2 points in the worst case and if you have not fixed your problem over time, because chances are that fix the problem everything back to normal.


Possess lots of broken links.
Have html serious errors.
Your pages are hyperdense keywords.
Have links in the Footer that are not related to your website.
You possess duplicate content.
You have been exchanging links.
You have been buying links.
Your website has hidden in the code that is only visible to search bots text.
Have URLs or misleading Titles that do not represent the actual content of the page.
Have pages that are gateways and therefore have deceptive redirects.
Do cloaking: the website you submit to search spiders web is different visitors see.
What might be some symptoms of penalty from Google?
Your domain has ceased to appear in search engines for domain name: a rule is because Google has detected any of the last six above cases on your website. It may be that neither the cover of the domain appears in the search engines.

Some of your pages no longer appear in the ranking: sometimes it may happen that a page within a domain has ceased to appear in the search engine dramatically for particular keyword. It may be due to two main causes: You have been buying links with the same anchor text for that page or you used too many times that keyword on the page.

All domain has completely stopped appearing in Google for all your keywords: this is the worst that can happen. It means that your domain has been deleted from the index pages of the search engine. I’ve never seen, but if it happened to you, I recommend you start thinking about creating another site with another domain name.

Google Penalty – Reasons and consequences of being penalized by Google If you’ve seen any of the above symptoms in your website not to get you panic. There may be several reasons why you can be happening, which do not have to be serious in the medium or long term for your website. Eg you have common mistakes indexing as your sitemap does not work, your robots.txt file has blocked seekers or your server has been down for a long period of time.