Apple Pay

With only five days of Apple have released to the public its payments platform, there have been a series of failures that cause great commotion users and large agencies about the new system by the great company of the white apple.
The new tool for web payments was enabled only in the USA initially as a way to try but Stand to present more problems than benefits for the company. However Apple denied responsibility that involved in the issue and said that the error does not come from them if not for intermediaries (banks) that perform the transaction.


Users who have used the service have reported irregularities in payments in several ways. The company Bank of America directly affected by these failures, has more than a thousand users who have turned to this new system of Apple and where complainants claim that Apple charges Pay exceeded the value of their purchases, including in some cases , duplicate original figures.
Some common mistakes that have been frequently reported is the duplication of the collection where he is charging two or even three times the value of the invoice to customers to transact Pay by Apple. With only five days Pay Apple have come to the public and more than a thousand users affected Apple’s situation is critical. During this short period of time users have been forced to go to the bank branches to claim back the money that was charged extra.

Bank of America is one of the entities involved to be intermediary payment platform announcement publicly before any money back will make a detailed review of the charges and transactions. Thus ensure what happened to proceed with any action that can support before the public. Apple continues defending its position by stating that the error does not come from its platform but the transaction data which are not their responsibility if the intermediary bank.
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