22 SEO Tips 2015

22 SEO Tips Amazing Highlights of 2014

21 keys SEO:

1. It is very easy to make a website

It’s easy to websites and is the cornerstone of all your SEO strategy. So think about how to improve or create other pages or landing pages that complement. The first thing they asked me was for my beginnings and if it was easy to make web pages. When I started with 13 and 14 was very easy, because only you had to see the source code of any page to learn how they had done. Html is really the programming languages easier and more intuitive it is. With 19 years gave formal computer class children 12 years at a college, and you’d be surprised to see how Html learn and what they do in three days.

But … it’s even easier now! With WordPress or other CMS you can make a website in an afternoon. Today templates are amazing and very cheap. You can have a professional website done for you by € 100. In my WordPress Course students make their full web in one month. If you do not want to make you, the prices are also laughing. For € 1,000 you have an impressive website.

2. SEO specialists we were a scourge

We’ve dedicated to SEO, for many years we have not been making any favors Internet. We made very bad pages come out in the top results. What would have happened if this had remained well? As people have stopped using Google. Why use Google? Because it works great because it gives you the best results. If you would no longer changed.

So Google is always trying to change their algorithms and functions to not do tricks or traps to corrupt their analyzes and results. This has been like dog and cat and Google has done many severely penalizing sites for malpractice. Now the SEO tricks can not abuse and must also focus on usability. interest and conversion page.

3. Now the first thing we do SEO is that the page is good

So now the SEO first thing when you have to position a bad web, is to make it good. Good usability, design, and above all, in content value. 95% of the websites of companies mistakenly focus on showing its commercial products. But racing fans sites with far better content. Rock out if you want an audience.

One of the main objectives is that readers will last a long time on each page, and hardly going to get if your page is bad and offers nothing. Take care of the technical aspects, design for mobiles, page structure, duplicate content, images, corporate branding, remove ads, add social buttons, creates long page with ambitious contents, etc. In half of the collaborations I do SEO, the first step is essential to continue making a new website. Why not, since you can not put a business page five years ago in the first positions of Google.

4. Natural SEO

Meanwhile, Google has discovered that the most important to see what should be positioned better, is to focus on the user experience. Now they will be all natural fundamental aspects: the time spent at each page, the times shared in social networks, and that adds value to the reader.

Getting links from other sites is still very important as ever. The difference is that now they have to be natural and deserved. Many SEO agencies based their strategy (and still many do icon sad 22 Amazing Highlights of SEO in 2014) to get thousands of links in directories and pages ghost nets. They have had to retrain and not flee the country because big brands have sunk in their positioning. Penalties of Google have taken their toll. Imagine what it is for a company go from having 200,000 visits per month to have 3500. Much SEO eye with two hard miracles. They can be costly.

5. Content Value

The content could divide it into 3 types. Commercial content, content value and filler content. I’ve done over 80 websites, and I have been commissioned ALL Commercial content. If the catalog tab that if its products, that if our services, if that good we are … But how will interest that to people?

You in social networks, what for sharing? Am valuable content and commercial content ?. And what type of content harsh longer? And what you recommend to your blog? For content value. For that you will try to meet the concerns and questions that are becoming interested in your sector. Help them and create your own community. Google will know right away by all of the above to your site interested users. Try it yourself with any Google search. You’ll see how the content of the commercial value wins.

6. The content of value always wins in the commercial content

Change your strategy to position your main commercial URLs, and focus position first few pages with valuable content. For example, if you ask me if they Audi I can put first on Google for “buy car”, I say yes. But not with your current Audi.es page but the best car blog and an article that says “50 Amazing details to look out for before Buying a Car”.

There will be time then that 20% of readers interested in other items and some for your commercial products. Are not you sell or get potential customers through content than commercial? Sure, and that is called Content Marketing. Indirect Marketing and Inbound Marketing also in English. Best to create community in social media and search engine positioning is the content of value.

7. Contents of good value, very good or amazing

And … content value? How come? How ?. For the more better. It’s that simple. We have to be ambitious and try to bring the maximum value possible to resolve the issue you raise. The contents of the value could be classified into good, very good and amazing.

You might have a good time to publish content. Hold on. Spend a little more effort until you have a very good content. If you want you can already publish, will like your social networks and for a few days you will have lots of visitors. But no, esperate. Give a few laps and put more care and detail to the content. Then you have an amazing content. Now everything is easier, readers will enjoy twice and you’ll have a thousand reasons that link you or share you on social networks.

8. Ambition

Ambition is the key factor for good content. More even than the knowledge on the subject. The first is to see what other content positioned there for the same keywords that your article. And either way, you have to try to do better, fuller, for more views, collaborative, special or different.

You can not make do with little, or to put the same, nor translate other items, nor leave issues partway, or doing what everyone else would write about that topic. In this SEO and Content Marketing is no better knows best, if not the most confident of this and more ambition has.

9. Social networks are super important for SEO

As I’ve told you before, social networking is the new star of SEO. Google will not assess the number of followers or the number of fans. Google only thing that will assess the number of times a URL has been shared on networks. And he will try very similar to how it treats inbound links and PageRank way.

Thus you have to encourage your readers to share your content; you have to link the offline world of business and the online world; and you have to take care of your ambassadors to participate in your content. The most important thing is not only share from your accounts, but make others share your content on their own. So I prefer content incredible value to 10 regular content.

10. Quality before quantity

The amount does not represent or much less a high duration on the page. It can even cause rejection. Almost always better will position the longest content, but you have to put many titles and make it very visual. If not easily scannable at first glance, hardly the reader is going to get to read everything before you know what you are going and if interested.

The repetitive and redundant content does not help, so if you want to write long, you’ll have to take many arguments. The lists work very well because people want to know first if something is missing from that list to make browsing the headlines, and then I read your explanations case. At least half of the readers of this post will only read 22 degrees;). If you have not you, and read it, put it in the comments.

11. Believing in this ensures results

If one trusts in the power of valuable content, devotes the necessary effort and choose good, then surely keywords that get good results and positioning. But the hardest thing is to convince the boss, as Boris said in the interview, it is necessary to devote a great effort to develop a very good content.

When a company asks for help in SEO, the first thing we do is find that content positioned for those keywords. If most are commercial content, then it is easy SAFE place them in the top positions in Google. We checked many times and usually quite fast: 1 or 2 months to position well the first contents.

12. Usability is an increasingly important factor

The duration on your page also depends on whether it is compatible with most browsers and devices. You must also allow the user to use, intuitive and try to be the user to perform actions that best suit you.

It is increasingly carrying large print pages and in which the protagonist is the content. Make sure your web design is adaptabe or “responsive” in English. You can use Screenfly to see how it looks in different phones and tablets.

13. We must take care as ever to our users

Put yourself in the place of readers and think how you could make your website more enjoyable. Avoid huge forms, registration tedious steps, kilometer menus with thousands of tabs, etc. Test your website with friends and family. See if you are able to find all content you tell them.

Really sure do not require all the widgets and distractions that you have on your page. Lighten the page to make it quick and pampers a little visual part of your content.

14. 5 Ways to give MORE VALUE

– You can contact other people, specialists or bloggers to participate in the article and bring their point of view. – You can throw a question in social networks and show the responses. You can also search tweets related to the subject and insert those that add value to Item – Lee 20 items related to the same topic of your article and draws an outline of ideas and opinions that will arise in this regard. You will find that you still have much more to say and deepen. – Look for related videos and add any or make a playlist of the subject. You can make your own videos and summarize your content or otherwise submit. – Let stand the content. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie … But remember your content from time to time and looking for similarities, views, complicated cases, arguments against new ideas, examples, case studies … Thinking of Disruptive way (if I said this is that I read too Isra) can help you differentiate and add value from new viewpoints.

15. Use Youtube

Youtube will be the fastest growing social network in 2014. And that it is the third site in the world with more traffic. The previous years were the years of blogging and social media. 2014 will be the year in which all brands begin to bet heavily on his Youtube channel.

The URLs of your videos on Youtube positioned once and twice. That is, you can position twice, article and video. If 10 results of Google, two are yours, there is less competition. It also helps position the pages that include, and often increase the time spent on the page. If it is also the cousin of Google and linked to all your applications, Youtube is a great player in the SEO.

16. Use Google+

If Youtube is the cousin of Google, Google+ is his little brother. The +1 will have almost like I like you or Tweets from the URL. The difference is that Google+ will get a little easier compared to Facebook and Twitter.

How Come? For two ways. Communities are a great platform to spread your best content and get many +1. Aprovéchalas and also selflessly participates in them. Then maybe a lot of people who already are sharing your content on G +, which only you have to +1 in all publications to win in the end many +1. Search your dominio.com on Google+ and participate.

17. incoming links still matter

Formerly inbound links were most important to position well, and almost unique. Google understands that if you link many times, it’s like you many people recommend. As gave rise to many traps, Google now penalizes when you get these from spammer or in pages without authority.

So it will remain vital to get links, but naturally and deservedly so. There are many ways, but best of all is building relationships and engaging with your industry. Sometimes the best way to get links is without touching a computer: doing an event, giving away your product, writing for other blogs or picking up the phone. Must take a monthly analysis of the new links that you are getting. You can use eg Opensiteexplorer.org.

18. Lighten the load speed of your page

Do not you noticed that the internet is faster for some years? Well, you know that there is still extremely slow, outdated and flash pages. What happens is that Google tries to show them as possible. Google is committed to offering the user a good Internet experience. If the pages were slow, we would use less.

So one priority is to keep weight off your page. The Javascript and images are the things that weigh on your website. Compress your images with JPEGmini or Smush It. Reducelas before uploading the size in which you will show. Avoid using crates, innecarios plugins and widgets. Try to put them together in a single file, compress and delaying the load. And remember that it is essential to have a system cache and Gzip compression. How are you things are longer taenicide, I tell you more on “75 steps SEO to improve your ranking YA”

19. Reinforce your authored with Google Authorsip

This will be a great asset to Google the coming years. Join authorship on your posts from now. Not only will you show your face on Google, which also helps you to increase the percentage of clicks (CTR). The Author Rank Google is a note that will be putting as positioning and metrics to be getting your publications.

If you already have an associated copyrights, you can check your Note Author in AuthorRank.org. From now be useful to take care all your publications, but in the medium and long term will be very profitable. Within 1 to 2 years, Google will perfectly cataloged and classified all authors of publications on the Internet. And of course, no longer positioned matter if an article is written by a well recognized that an author just begun author, or an author that their contents tend not to arouse interest.

20. Watch what you link

Google spends his days visiting billions of links, so try not to waste your time. Is Google going to get top positions as a web in which 4 of your links are broken and no longer lead anywhere? Well certainly does not help. However it will be welcomed if you link the best content in your industry, because it understands you contribute more value and no commercial content.

You can check your links to great tool Internet Marketing Ninjas. Not if my favorite tool, but has the best name. Gotta say all broken links and redirects you could change. For Google Chrome you can also use Check my links, but you’d have to do it page by page.

21. SEO is just Common Sense

As you have seen, most things in SEO are common sense. We all know a lot about SEO, only we have to ask the right questions. Does Google do recommend an article like this or that? And now apply to your content and your strategy.

Surely you knew that best poscionan fast, sexy, amazing content pages that do remain long users with good links with a recognized author with comments and with many links to other websites and social networks. If you throw me a hand to me with a comment or share I’d appreciate icon wink 22 Amazing Highlights of SEO in 2014

In short, knowledge are available online for everyone. Not only here but in many other blogs. What makes the difference is not the talent or wisdom, but faith and perseverance when developing an SEO plan. If you know where you want to go and which way you only need gigs and effort, because the result comes. You Sure.

You might need a guide or chop serve you to check all the key points, but remember that the important thing is to have ambition and enthusiasm to make the best content. Here I leave my “Guide 75 Steps to SEO and SEO” for you to check all items. If you use WordPress you will serve much these 40 SEO Plugins.