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We would like to say first and foremost thank you to the professional SEO Company for mentoring us as we learned SEO with their local Phoenix AZ Classes and SEO Training. We believe we are the best Phoenix SEO Agency in Arizona but if you need to look elsewhere for your SEO needs give them an opportunity to earn your business.

Ok with that being said lets define what SEO is and why you need local SEO in Phoenix Arizona.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO (search engine optimization)

The search engine optimization (search engine optimization) is concerned with optimizing a website for search engines like Google, Lycos, Yahoo so and designing that these, a search for specific keywords or keywords (keywords) in the search result list of positionally as far as possible appears at the top – if possible, on the first page.  On the first page only 10 entries are displayed by default – which is why it is also called a “top – 10 ranking” – to be among the 10 winners.
There is also paid advertising programs (PPC Company or Pay Per Click) by means of which you can position your website on the search engines according to the first page and in a certain position of the search results list. You can read more at the Google Adwords and Yahoo SM, these are only two ways to search engines to give paid advertising in order.
Now, if you want your website – the emphasis is on side, because you can optimize each page of your website on other keywords – for certain search queries will be displayed far forward, several steps are necessary:
The first step is to register the website in search engines, catalogs and directories.

You must specify which keywords are important for the themes and content of your website. If possible, for each topic Create a separate page and optimize it for the keywords by which an Internet user could search.  Search engines have a fixed algorithm by which you scan web pages and rate. After setting these keywords, the page can be optimized accordingly. Important for search engines are the titles of the articles, the URL, the text itself, but also comments in the HTML and alternative text for images, and links. The keyword density – ie how many times a keyword appears within the text and whether earlier or later in the text – also has an influence.

Search engine optimization (SEO Phoenix) is not an activity that provides immediate results, so they can not expect that you hire a service provider and are shown next week on the first page. Should this be so, then this is rarely permanent.

Google, for example, Your website would visit every few weeks and query their content and scan – you can so via keywords (keywords) also the search engines tell how many pages are visited, but due to the large search volume there are every one or two weeks. According to the design (titles, comments, HTML, etc.), the text and the keywords your site would be included in the index and listed accordingly in searches.  Search engines evaluate not only the content but also and above all, how many links to your website from other websites with the same theme or web design content. The more you linked, the more the lifts their importance to search engines when searching for relevant keywords. Establish an appropriate network of link partners takes time.

At Google, there is a so-called PageRank – a number from 1 to 10, with the symbolic character of your position on search queries among the top ten in the result list.

This PageRank is calculated each quarter and refreshes. If only because this time interval is a short-term outcome rather difficult.  Link pages with high PageRank to your page, so that has a positive influence on the PageRank of your page.
Search engines appreciate continuity and reliability. You have to provide the claim or the target Web users for searches an optimal result.

Some clever programmers have devised tricks to outsmart search engines and to be quickly listed positions in the top ten. The programmers of the search engines respond to these tests, and optimize the search engines accordingly. Most of the search engines penalize such tricks with a downgrade in the index or even with complete exclusion – such sites are then passed on blacklists and not displayed. So it makes no sense tons of links in so-called link farms blindly buy. The linked sites to you should have from the topic forth something to do with your website.

Even if they appear under the top ten and were listed, this does not guarantee that it stays that way.

Search engine indexes are updated constantly. These so-called Search Search bots and search spiders web, scan the web pages for your content and save their keywords and URL.

In the WWW there are a lot of competitors who have the same goals as you – these competitors also want to have their website displayed accordingly in the search results list, far ahead and optimize your pages accordingly. On the other hand, the content of the Web change from day to day and it will be added new web pages. From the content thereof may produce these pages for searches to be as relevant as yours and are thus placed in front of you.

Due to this Best SEO Reseller Company constant change of the data set investigated Phoenix, SEO is an activity that every company should perform regularly.   When optimizing your website like and an enterprise SEO Reseller programs for search engines, you should expect with 6 months until you can see the desired results. If you want to have your pages optimized, we would appreciate if you would contact us to discuss the details or cont.